Tips for feeding school-age children

We provide an overview of how to feed your children in a balanced manner so that they can carry out their activities with energy and grow healthy and strong.

According to the Spanish Association of Pediatrics, believing that a child may consume the same types of foods as an adult but in lower amounts from the age of three or four is a mistake. School-age requirements are another reason children should be made aware of a diet focused on their development.

Some foods are essential, such as dairy. It is ideal to consume two cups per day. However, it doesn’t need to be only milk since there are other dairy products, for example, a cup of milk is equivalent to yogurt or cheese.. for example, a cup of milk is equivalent to yogurt or cheese.

Legumes are perfect because they provide dietary fiber, although the greater the amount of fiber, the more water should be added.

Cereals are a great addition to the daily diet and fortified and whole grains, bread, and pasta should be included.

It is important to give your children a daily portion of fruits and vegetables. Be very careful with legumes, and as for fruits, the apple regulates intestinal transit. The banana is better if it is ripe because it is easier to digest.

Water is the most essential drink. Fruit juices are recommended if prepared at home, and sodas should be eliminated or limited. Tea and coffee are not suitable for children under 12 years of age.

Children, as adults, should consume salt in moderation.

The moment of eating meals is crucial: sit as a family much as possible, in calm and tranquility without arguments, in a peaceful environment without reproaches for bad grades or behavior. It is also not advisable to watch television or use cell phones at the table.

, For children to enjoy meals, you have to vary the meal options. However, do not forget that the child copies what he sees and the way his parents eat is a model to follow.

It is not advisable: fatty pastries, fried foods, large amounts of chocolate, meat sauce, sugary drinks, exciting drinks such as tea or coffee, and caffeinated soft drinks.

Food is never a reward or a punishment.

Breakfast is vital because it allows you to start the whole mechanism and start the day of activities with more energy.

Treats should not be prohibited, but their consumption should be with moderate guidelines.



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