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Everything you need to know if you are a caregiver of an older adult

It is a special stage of life in which you need to be very aware of certain aspects. We give you a basic guide to improve their quality of life.

Be aware of personal hygiene

It is critical to keep an older adult in good health.If you have to care for an elderly person who is on bed rest, follow a set of procedures and try to dry him or her quickly so that it does not become cold. . Without rubbing so that it is not damaged and avoid leaving parts of the body wet.

Watch skincare

Related to the previous point, it is important to always apply moisturizing cream, especially after hygiene and several times a day.
It is recommended that they drink two liters of water per day to stay well hydrated, use neutral soaps and cotton clothing, avoid very hot or very cold water and do not expose themselves too much to the sun and if they do, use sunscreen.

Food at this stage is very important

Eating in a balanced way and with all the possible nutrients is necessary for the good health of the elderly. It is also important that they have dinner early so they don’t have discomfort going to sleep.

Do everything you can to avoid falls

The weakness in the bones produces falls frequent. Avoid uneven surfaces, loose rugs, objects lying on the floor. Keep in mind that the circulation space must be well cleared and illuminated.

Keep the medication in order.

The number of medicines that older adult takes is vast, and there is a risk that they will be confused. Having an organized pillbox, doing it weekly, and writing everything down helps.

Make sure they have a good rest.

At that age, sleep is very light. Sleeping, watching television, or listening to the radio does not help. It is better to read, listen to music or choose activities that relax them. Drinking coffee or tea is also not recommended.

Have a set routine

They need to feel safe, so it is always good for them to know what awaits them at every moment of the day. Following the schedules of each activity is very beneficial for them to be calm.

Always consult with professionals.

Physicians should be of permanent consultation at this stage. being sure that the care plan is the right one also gives them security.

Help you stay physically and socially active.

Doing the exercise that they can according to their abilities brings many benefits. And being with other people, talking, remembering is a great exercise to keep an active brain and feel part of society.



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