Our loved one with brain damage returns home; how to help?

When a person with a brain injury leaves the hospital, they need the support of family and loved ones, and if the damage is serious they require support from professionals. We give you tips to support him at that time:

In terms of brain damage, there can be an extensive range in terms of severity. We share some general tips to help him recover at home.

A family’s love, support, and understanding are priorities because that’s what the family can give, and this could not be provided by the professionals involved in the rehabilitation.

Safety: When a person with a brain injury leaves the hospital, the home can become a danger zone, and there is no one better than family to guide them. In addition to professional help, common sense is what should be prioritized.

Treatment: It is vital that this plan be made with you, as you know your home better than health professionals.

Learn from the professionals: Make sure you learn as much as you can from the rehabilitation team about the person’s problems and strengths, as well as specific strategies you can use to help them..

You should not hesitate to take notes and share everything you have learned with your friends and family.

Don’t be discouraged if things don’t turn out the way you expected. It is a complicated situation, and there may be moments of boredom, frustration, or in which the person does not accept help.
According to experts, different factors should be considered, such as :

Some people with brain dysfunction are not yet ready to accept what has happened to them.
They may resist doing something and say it’s boring when afraid of failing. If encouraging the person does not help, it may be better to change activities.

You have to mark the mistakes with love and patience. Perhaps the person needs to realize himself and make mistakes.

If the sick person is depressed and discouraged, they may need professional support.

You have to go from small achievements to major ones, constantly encouraging each step taken and looking for bigger goals.

Community and family support are the biggest determinants of recovery after a brain injury. Professional help is critical, but life at home carries excellent weight. Each family will find the best way.



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