Ten recommendations to apply in a job interview

Looking for a job can be stressful, and the interview is the most stressful part—some tips to have in mind.

A job interview is always stressful and much more so if you have been out of the market for a while or if it is the first time you will be having a job interview.


Learn as much as you can about the business or company you are interviewing with.

Tell your story as naturally as possible, but keep in mind that it should always be within a formal framework.

The “good presence” that is requested always means that you must be dressed according to the position you are going to apply for. Formal attire, tidy, well-groomed, do not use strong perfumes, and in the case of women, make-up or flashy hairstyles are not recommended.

Since interview questions will be based on your resume, it is important that you remember what is written on your resume.
Always take the time to think before answering the questions, don’t rush.
If a question is unclear, ask for clarification before answering so as not to make mistakes.

Try to know everything that the position requires so that your answers sound more convincing.

If you don’t have work experience, explain the reason (dedicated to caring for the family, for example).

If you held many jobs that didn’t last long, describe what each job taught you and what experience you gained.

Do not worry about your age, either because you are very young or older than what is requested, perhaps the type of experience needed in that position will be valued or they may need someone young to be trained from the beginning.

Do not hesitate to ask how long the selection process will take and when you will receive a response.

Resources for interview preparation and skill-building: 

Boyle Heights/East Los Angeles WorkSource Center
1505 East 1st Street
Los Angeles, CA 90033
Phone: (323) 267-5930
Hours: Monday to Friday 8 am – 5 pm
Link: Boyle Heights/East Los Angeles WorkSource Center | Los Angeles Public Library (lapl.org)

El Centro de Ayuda
Address: 2130 1st St Suite 110, Los Angeles, CA 90033
Hours: Monday 8am-6pm, Tuesday 8am-5pm, Wednesday 8am-6pm, Thursday-Closed, Friday 8am-5pm, Saturday-Sunday, Closed
Phone: (323) 526-9301



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