Parent Guide: How to Be Alert to Bullying

Bullying is any form of verbal, psychological, or physical abuse produced between children.

Some take advantage of a supposed physical and emotional superiority that many
it is not such, and they live intimidating their victim until he makes him feel permanently threatened.

Traditionally the place where it happened was the school, but today it is not reduced to the face-to-face, but it expresses in the social networks that have made the ordeal of children extend beyond the school day.

The anonymity and ease of contact make bullying on the networks easier and much more intense because it does not end with the school day and multiplies in each of the moments in which the child connects.

Sadness. Nerves, fear of being alone, all that feels like a child who is a victim of bullying at school. The worst thoughts take over your mind. A very distressing situation for families since no manual says what to do because each child is different.

Here are some tips:

Be alert and be very aware of anything out of the ordinary that may happen to the child, such as if he presents:

Visible physical changes

Sudden mood swings or loss of interest in usual activities

Pretend to be sick to avoid going to school

Suddenly delete your network accounts.
Abnormal social isolation

Loss or misplacement of objects in strange situations that you cannot explain

What to do as parents:

Knowing his friends and classmates and his relationship with them is essential to know his adjustment with other children.

Talk to teachers to find out how the child is doing and work on this issue with them.

Make it clear that you have our complete trust and support.

Work on your self-esteem in such a way that the comments of others cannot affect you and that it is less and less effective for bullies to make fun of them.

Make children aware of the tools to report or block virtual bullies.

Make them understand that they must be clear about who they allow in their networks and that there are even more dangers in the virtual world than in the physical one.

Intervene calmly and demonstrate a different behavior from the bullies by being an excellent example for everyone.
When to give intervention to the Police:

If there are weapons involved
If there are serious threats of physical harm
If there is evidence of hate-motivated violence such as racism or homophobia
If there is sexual abuse
There is serious bodily harm
Anyone is charged with an illegal act, such as robbery or extortion, using force to obtain money, property, or services.



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