Make the right choices for a healthy heart

Some tips to start now.

Maintain a healthy weight

Normally, weight loss is seen as something aesthetic, but its benefits are much deeper: it directly impacts a better quality of life. Don’t try to do it overnight. Set small goals and start to conquer them. Smaller portions, healthier food, and little by little the way you eat is changing and so is your body.

Do exercise

A common mistake is to try from one day to the next to become an athlete. It’s not about that, setting goals like 150 minutes of physical activity spread throughout the week is a big step. Walking is the best exercise to start moving.

Take care of your mental health

Being depressed, stressed, worried is an adverse state to make healthy choices, we tend to eat more caloric foods and sit still. Sleeping too little or too much, drinking a lot…everything conspires against the health of our heart.

Establish a close relationship with your doctor

Try not to go to the doctor only when you feel very sick. Get regular checkups, make it your ally in weight control, blood pressure, and other factors that threaten your heart.

Control your blood pressure

The previous tips all serve to keep your pressure under control. However, there are people who need special medication to do this. Consult with your doctor about it and get regular check-ups. A healthy, low-sodium diet will also help.




Why you should avoid fried foods

When you cook food in super hot oil, the dish gets more greasy. This does not mean that you shouldn't eat any fried foods, but knowing the effects they cause can help you reduce them from your diet.

Chronic Diseases
In May, we observe Celiac Disease Awareness Month

One in 133 Americans (about 1% of the population) has celiac disease—It's a chronic digestive system disease that damages the small intestine. It's a protein found in bread, pasta, and cookies. Also, it's a protein found in foods such as lipsticks, toothpaste, vitamins, and nutritional supplements.