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How to quit smoking once and for all: this is the moment

Knowing the damages the use of tobacco brings to you and your family is the first step to leave it behind.

These data from the American Health Association will amaze you:
Tobacco is the most preventable cause of death in the United States, associated with one-third of deaths from heart problems.
90% of the people that die from lung cancer could have been saved if it wasn’t for their habits related to their smoking habits.
Half of the children between 3 and 11 years old are exposed to the smoke that common cigarettes and electronic ones generate, and they are highly toxic.

The consumption of tobacco is increasing rapidly among teenagers and young adults.

You can be one of those thousands who quit smoking every year and the good news is that after one year of not having cigarettes at all, the risks of a heart attack are reduced by half.

But for it to be really effective and not one of many failed attempts, you must put together a plan that includes stress management, facing situations that make you smoke, starting to be active and reaching for help to get to the right goal, celebrate it and embrace that success and let it be forever. You can do it!

Don’t be tempted by promotions that offer treatments at a very high cost; instead, try to reach and get in touch with organizations that will guide and help change your life’s quality and that of those who surround you.




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