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The covid-19 vaccine offers hope to end the pandemic. The State of California offers free vaccines for all its citizens. It allows those who live in or near large cities, such as Los Angeles, to get quick online appointments based on the availability of shots. Find out where to make your booking.

This is a phased immunization plan. At first, targets those over 65 years of age, high-risk groups, and people at risk of infection due to their occupation, such as healthcare workers, teachers, or others involved in care, food, and agricultural services.

If you have questions about whether you are eligible, you can find out online at or You can also call (833) 422-4255 for further information. And receive updates in regards to the COVID-19 vaccine online at  LA County COVID-19 Vaccine – LA County Department of Public Health

Vaccines and doses
The vaccines approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) are developed by Pfizer and Moderna, both of which require two doses and will be administered in different phases. Remember that you only have to make a single appointment for vaccination. After receiving it, the medical staff will tell you when you should go for the second dose or how you should schedule it.

Side effects
Pain and redness in the arm where you received the shot are usual symptoms that you can relieve by placing a cold cloth over the affected area. You may also experience fever, headache, or tiredness, but these symptoms should disappear after a few days. If not, see your doctor.

Stay safe
Vaccines are 95% effective, but that doesn’t mean that once you’ve been immunized, you can stop taking care of yourself and your loved ones. It is possible to get the vaccine, but the symptoms will be milder. The use of face masks, social distancing, and hand hygiene is still essential.

Staying informed through reliable sources is equally important. If you have questions about how the vaccine is developed and what it can cause, check out this article on myths and truths. Remember that LA County has a website where you can check for any updates on the vaccine.

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You can also find more trusted local services in your community at or download the Boyle Heights Resources app.


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