Don’t let fake news about vaccination harm your health and your family´s

There are lots of myths about vaccines, and some have caused long-standing diseases to reappear. In this article, you will discover why you should not believe them. Your and your family’s immunization is key to a healthy planet.

If sanitation standards are maintained, vaccination is not necessary. FAKE
Clean water and sanitation are necessary but not sufficient to replace vaccination. If there is no collective immunity (high vaccination rates in the population), diseases that we thought were overcome may return. And this has nothing to do with how clean we keep ourselves. Hygiene is positive, but in no way does it replace vaccination.

Some vaccines are not safe. FAKE
If a vaccine has been approved, it is because it has undergone rigorous clinical trials and tests, and once they are released to the public, they continue under strict monitoring. The scientific community also follows the evolution of vaccines once they are approved. If you have any reaction when vaccinated, it may be pain where the injection was given or a mild fever.
If there are side effects, which are very rare, they go into deep research immediately.
It is much easier to be seriously injured from a vaccine-preventable disease than from a vaccine. For example, polio can cause paralysis, measles, encephalitis, and blindness, and some vaccine-preventable diseases can even be fatal.

The benefits of vaccination far outweigh the risks, and without vaccines, there would be many more cases of illness and death around the world.

Immunity caused by natural infections is better than vaccines. FAKE
What vaccines produce in the immune system is a response similar to natural infections, but the big difference is that the vaccinated person does not go through the disease or is exposed to future complications.

If I get vaccinated against Covid, I don’t need to get vaccinated against the flu. FAKE
Between 300 and 500 thousand people die each year from the flu. Vaccines to prevent it have been used for 60 years. The flu vaccine does not protect against the coronavirus, but it is important to get vaccinated against influenza to obtain the necessary immunity before winter arrives to avoid the disease and possible co-infection with COVID-19. Combined, they could be very dangerous for the person and burden health systems. Flu vaccination not only prevents the flu, but also reduces the complications it can cause.

Pregnant women, young children, the elderly with health problems, and anyone with chronic illnesses, such as heart disease or asthma, are at higher risk of serious illness and death. Vaccination of pregnant women provides the added benefit of protecting newborns, an even more important fact if one takes into account that there is no vaccine for children under six months of age.


Remember that all vaccines are vital to your overall health. And in these times of pandemic, the Covid vaccine is key to stopping it. You can be part of this crusade; remember that you can schedule your appointment right now safely, confidentially, and without the need to present any document. Make an appointment here.

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Source: World Health Organization





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How vaccines can save your life and your children´s

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