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Rent, assistance and stress. Learn about local resources that can help you

Residents can get help to return the rent to a sustainable level. Single parents can apply for financial assistance, and specific programs help alleviate stress due to COVID-19.

Personal Finance

Rent prices in Los Angeles are some of the highest in the country. Boyle Heights residents, especially single mothers, are under a lot of stress to find ways to pay rent, send their kids to school, and put food on the table.
Help is available for residents, young and old, and there are rent control programs in place to help bring rent back to a sustainable level.

Los Angeles County Rental Control
Boyle Heights apartments, without rent control, had their median rent rise from $1,200 a month in 2016 to $1,700 a month in 2017. New legislation helps curb these rapid rate increases and will be a major benefit for local residents.
The Tenant Protection Act of 2019 protects you in a few ways:

  • Imposes statewide rent caps
  • Restricts evictions

Landlords cannot increase rent more than the cost of living plus 5%, with a limit of 10% rent increase over the prior rental amount.
Short-term occupancies, under a 12-month period, are exempt from the rent control measures. Specialty housing, duplexes where the owner occupies one unit, and multi-family residences that were provided a certificate of occupancy in the last 15 years may be exempt from the law.
One analysis found that 20,000 units in Boyle Heights would be included under the Tenant Protection Act of 2019.

Rental Assistance in Boyle Heights
Some programs for rental assistance are available due to Covid-19 that are temporary. Additional programs are also available that can alleviate the stress of single mothers, fathers, and couples that have had their hours cut back and suffered from rising rent prices in the last five years.
Programs you may be eligible for include:

If you’re on the brink of being losing your home or recently have been displaced, there is help available through the Los Angeles Homeless Services Authority. Resources are available for both households and individuals.

Resources to Battle Stress
Numerous resources are available, especially in our community, that can help people take control of their mental health. If your rent or financial situation is taking a toll on your mental health, a few of the low-cost or free services in the area that may be able to assist you are:

You’ll find the majority of the services include mental health workshops that can help you learn to manage stress and depression.
Boyle Heights has programs that can help families and single individuals pay for their rent or find low-income housing opportunities. Local churches may also offer assistance programs throughout the year that can help with food, health, and rental assistance.


You can also find more trusted local services in your community at or download the Boyle Heights Resources app.