Make your environment healthier

A dirty landscape affects our physical and mental health. Los Angeles has several programs to help beautify our neighborhood.

Make your environment healthier

The place we inhabit changes and conditions us in many ways. Cleaner and greener spaces influence our well-being. Los Angeles has different programs to make your neighborhood a better place.

Old and large furniture on the sidewalks, unwanted graffiti, and a lack of trees can build a landscape that is not pleasant. These everyday scenes have a direct influence on us. Chaos, disorder, and dirt make us negatively perceive the place we live in. It affects not only our physical well-being but also our mental health.

Clean environments are the key to a better life. The air we breathe, the food we eat, the water we drink, and the ecosystems that support us are essential. According to the United Nations, at least a quarter of the total global burden of disease is due to environmental degradation.

Investing in programs that aim to achieve more sustainable places serves as an insurance policy for the community’s well-being. “As a Boyle Heights native, a personal goal is positively contributing to the comfort and safety of our families, through our direct services,” says Miriam Rodríguez, Area Director of Council District 14’s.

“There are various programs and services that government offices offer to their constituents that might be unknown. One of them is the availability of free curbside pick-ups of large objects and furniture we may no longer want in our homes. Calling 311 or using the smartphone app MyLA311, constituents can schedule a bulky item pick up ahead of their trash collection day. Constituents can also request other tax paid services such as graffiti removal,” explains Rodríguez.

She knows greener spaces are important: “Within the topic of beautification, the City also offers free trees for anyone that would like to plant one in their home. Keeping our streets and sidewalks clean is important for a thriving community. We can all use our voice and action in preserving the culture of Boyle Heights while making it safer, greener, and more connected for generations to come.”


You can also find more trusted local services in your community at www.boyleheighstresources.org or download the Boyle Heights Resources app.


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