Kids at home. Creative ideas to keep them active

Your children have finished school and require much more of your attention. They stay at home, and you may feel you’re running out of resources to keep them happy and amused. Try these tips and find some peace -and joy- for yourself.

happy mom and kid

Schools are done for the year, which means parents have to find a way to keep kids active.
To keep your little ones busy (and you sane), you’ll need to get a little creative.
Here are some ways to keep your kids moving and entertained:

Dance Together
Dancing can bring the family together while keeping the kids active. Most kids love to dance (so do adults). It’s a fun activity that gets everyone moving.
Turn the music up. Dance around the house. Put on costumes to make it more fun. Make it a family activity, so everyone gets exercise.

Go for a Walk
Getting the kids out of the house for a walk will burn off some energy and get rid of cabin fever.
If you can find an open field, let the kids run. Play soccer. Throw a ball around. Just make sure that you keep your distance from other people.

Break Out the Sidewalk Chalk
Now is a great time to break out that sidewalk chalk you’ve been hiding in the cabinet. Draw pictures or write sayings. Teach the kids how to make a hopscotch court. That will keep them busy and active for a while.
Make sure that the kids have a safe place to play and use their chalk.

Cook Together
Are you cooking lunch or dinner? Get the kids involved. All kids can help with basic cooking steps, like stirring or mixing. Older kids can help with more complicated things, like chopping.
Now is a great time to get your kids interested in cooking and teaching them this important skill. It will keep their minds active and engaged, and you get to spend some quality family time together.

Have a Race
Race each other – inside or outside the house. See who can get from one point to another the fastest. Get everyone involved so adults and kids stay active. Have fun with it, and if you’re feeling brave, add some obstacles or create a running course.

Build a Fort
Use blankets, pillows, sheets, and other things around the house to build a fort. Tell stories, watch movies on your phone, or just let the kids play. Let the kids do most of the work building it, so they burn off some energy.

Potting Plants
Gardening is a great way to get kids interested in nature and teach them how to care for things. Even if you don’t have space for an outdoor garden, you can grow plants in pots. Turn it into a fun experiment to see how much the plants grow during the whole summer.
For best results, choose plants that will grow well in your area and lighted conditions.

Make an Indoor Obstacle Course (If You’re Up for the Challenge!)
It’s easier than you think to make an indoor obstacle course. Use colored tape (painters tape works well) and objects you have around the house. Kids can jump over the objects and use the tape to follow the course.
Have them climb over things or under tables? All of that movement will help wear them out. When they’re done and ready for round 2, you can make a new course to change things up.
The obstacle course doesn’t have to be big or complicated. Just find ways to keep your little ones moving.
Keeping kids active can be difficult, but don’t be too hard on yourself. If you run out of ideas, you can use free kids’ exercise videos to get kids moving.


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