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Breast cancer: free and confidential treatments.

Breast cancer is the second most common cancer in the United States. With early diagnosis and proper care, this disease is no longer deadly. Your community has free resources, with assistance in English and Spanish, to prevent and treat it.

Information is power. Maybe this phrase sounds a little worn out, but it is strictly valid for health. California reports 121.2 cases of breast cancer per 100,000 women. Whites and Hispanics suffer from it equally, but the highest mortality rate is found among patients belonging to the latter group.

Since there is often a lack of access to health systems that provide diagnosis and regular follow-up for women after 40, the age at which a screening mammogram is usually recommended, a simple routine screening is the difference between living and dying.

Free diagnosis
Under the “Every Woman Matters” campaign, the Adventist Health White Memorial clinic offers free screenings in English or Spanish for women over 40, low-income women (remember that if you detect an abnormality in your breasts, no matter your age, you should consult a doctor), or women without medical coverage, with Medi-Cal or those who do have health insurance but do not use it because of its cost.

Simply make an appointment by phone (323-307-8523). Consultations are confidential, and patients will not be asked for proof of income or citizenship.

It’s not just breast cancer.
Also, cervical cancer -in the case of women-, and prostate cancer -in men’s case-is preventable. Because of embarrassment or lack of resources, many people avoid getting checkups. Adventist Health White Memorial also offers follow-up appointments, which can be requested through the same phone line (323-307-8523).

Life after diagnosis
If you’ve received a cancer diagnosis, know that you’re not alone. The American Cancer Society offers housing assistance centers, free wigs, and countless online resources so you can learn more about how to continue to live a whole and happy life during and after treatment. All are available in English and Spanish.

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