Autism in Children, Local and Online Resources

If you and your family need help to learn more about autism, there are resources available to you.

It is estimated that 1-in-54 children in the United States will have autism or autism spectrum disorder. In California, one of every three people with autism lives in Los Angeles County. There are many autism subtypes, and each child will have its strengths and weaknesses to overcome.
Some children can grow up and live independently – the goal of every parent – while others may need support in their daily lives.
Parents who have children that have been diagnosed with autism or autism spectrum disorder have resources available in the local community. Local and online groups bring the autism community together and can teach parents how to best help children.

Local and Online Resources
A few of the local resources available include:

  • Grupo de Autismo Angeles: A group that opened its doors in 1998 to help the Hispanic community focus their efforts on autism. The group consists of part-time volunteers and parents that provide resources and work on behalf of kids with autism.
  • Autism Society of Los Angeles: A community that offers speaker series and a warm line to helps families make sense of autism diagnosis. Autism Society also offers conferences, education, advocacy, and other resources to Los Angeles residents.
  • Center for Autism & Related Disorders: CARD is an autism treatment provider with a facility in Santa Ana. CARD has center-based and outpatient services available. There are also training programs and remote clinical services offered.
  • Eastern Los Angeles Regional Center: A Center that offers community programs and resources to children with disabilities and autism. The center’s brochure makes it easy to obtain information on autism.

Online resources that can help include:

  • Gemiini: Gemiini offers web-based learning systems that can empower parents who have children with autism. The platform includes courses that are designed to boost your child’s learning. Hands-on parents who want to ensure that their children with autism never fall behind will appreciate the courses available.
  • Autism Society: One of the most respected organizations focused on autism, the society fights on behalf of people without resources. The society has a national hotline that parents can call to speak to information and referral specialists. You can also find resources on autism right on the Autism Society website.
  • Autism Internet Modules: Parents that want to assist their children can take over 50 free training modules to help parents and teachers better understand the needs of a person with autism. Training is self-paced, and parents will better learn how to teach their children with autism.
  • Autism Speaks: The Autism Speaks platform aims to enhance the lives of people with autism. There are resources for parents who think their children may have autism along with resources for parents who have children that have been newly diagnosed. You’ll also find resources, can reach out to the autism response team, find autism-friendly events and providers, too.

Living a full life with autism is possible, and the resources listed above can help parents better prepare their children for school and life with autism.


You can also find more trusted local services in your community at or download the Boyle Heights Resources app.